Lab testing is a fast track to getting to know your body. Many people experience low moods and chronic symptoms they are confused by. Lab tests are a fast track to more information about your body.

Everlywell is a licensed U.S. laboratory with an array of tests that are optimized to give you the most comprehensive information, from the comfort of your own home. Samples are easy to take and are MD reviewed. We also encourage you to take tests to your health care providers for further review.

Women's Health Test

11 key biomarkers to determine the cause of many issues women face, often for years. Metabolism, period problems, hot flashes. This test is good for all ages.

Food Sensitivity Test

The food you eat impacts how you feel. Even healthy foods can cause inflammation if they don’t agree with your unique body. Suspect food is a trigger for low moods or anxious thoughts? Test 96 different foods.

Sleep & Stress Test

Many women are in a cycle of long days and short nights. Over the long term, this can wreak havoc on your nervous system. This test tells us what’s really going on with your stress hormones.

Thyroid Test

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Metabolism Test

Gaining weight, but unsure why. Get to the bottom of metabolic problems.

When your diet doesn’t support your mental wellbeing its a no-brainer (no pun intended). 

Get tested and get a good quality supplement!