Professional help all in one place. Support when you need it.

Life truth: We can only control ourselves.
But when we get the support we deserve we...

Create more fulfilling relationships

Feel more capable at work

Take care of our bodies easily

Feel more joyful and fun

It can be hard to trust your life story with new people, but we’ve helped thousands of women find clarity and confidence.

Here’s what we’ve observed in our work



Trapped in our minds with repetitive thoughts

A safe space of professionals and other empaths to speak our truth

Frustrated with career and jobs

Mentorship to develop a career strategy

Family drama making us crazy

Access to a therapist to help us find our voice and get clear on our priorities

Trapped in our minds with repetitive thoughts

Access to a therapist to help us find our voice and get clear on our priorities

Feeling like we should be further along in our lives

Accountability with professionals that know your story

Harsh self-talk and a lack of confidence

A team that sees the best in you. Having your unique gifts appreciated. 

Confusing chronic health issues that zap our energy

Daily access to a naturopathic doctor specializing in the chronic concerns women are troubled with


Women’s lives change in an instant. Our team is on a mission to provide help when you need it.
We have

  • A blueprint to do a deep dive into your unique personality. Better understand yourself.

  • Monthly self-discovery exercises.

  • A team of professionals to help when you need it

Normally, access to professionals would cost hundreds per month.

Because of our unique membership model you can access L60 care for $49 a month

Women use us as their secret weapon. When you’re troubled you can pick up your phone and check in with L60. We are always there.

We offer a 30 day money back guarantee so you have nothing to lose.


Day to day support and advice from your own professional team when you need it. For all the things you have to deal with. Physical and emotional challenges. Life stuff. The key? Day to day help. PLUS 1:1 Counselling help twice a month.

Our Help

L60 is here to give you the help when you need it. Two counselling sessions with Marlie per month, plus our community live sessions will get you back on track like you’ve never experienced before.

After years of going it alone, putting up a brave front and pretending to be okay women are waking up and realizing that we deserve a hell of a lot better.
You never really get the help and support you need, right? You go long stretches of time feeling lousy, right? No one really knows how you are struggling, right? In your head, alone.

You can feel better.

Relationship issues, career choices, parenting, battling with our health
– women face a lot over a lifetime. And we do it mostly on our own.

There’s a different way to do things.

What is L60?

A free 30 day quick start program that will reset your emotional health, give you back your sense of purpose, your confidence
Help when you need it from:
A Naturopathic Dr, a Life Mentor and a Counsellor – experience!
Your own private community of like minded women who want to feel better
A library of resources at your fingertips that tackles the very life issues you are dealing with.
The important part? Help when you need it.
PLUS – two – forty minute 1:1 counselling sessions with our resident Counsellor, Marlie each month.

Level up your life now

Whether you’re a busy stay-at-home Mom or a boss babe working her way to the top, you’ve got a story. And you’ve got an inner world that no one knows about. There’s nothing wrong with being strong, but at times it goes wrong. Move through life’s ups and downs with clarity, and purpose, and help when you need it. Find your way through the fog. L60 is your lighthouse. Your very own secret weapon.

Join the l60 crew

Ask Us

How Can We Help You?

Women are feeling burned out and fed up, AND are unsure what to do about it.

Let us help you. We are a team of professionals here to respond to your questions and your struggles.

Ask us ANYTHING. Get free personalized advice. It’s easy, just reach out.

Do you need to charge your batteries? Here's how women relax.
I posted to Instagram stories two days ago, asking how you relax. So many of us are in fight or flight mode that we forget that we have a whole other side of us; one that exists in a state of ease, lightness and fun.
Here's what women said,
"I've been sitting outside after dinner and just look at the stars."
"Melatonin & weed-infused gummy."
"Tea and Netflix with blue light blocking glasses"
"Hiking and being outside on a walk."
"Music and marijuana"
"Dancing, jumping, and praying."
"Smoke weed"
Reading my kindle. Glass of beer, if a hard day at work."
"No overhead lights and screens at least 1 hour before bed, calming "coffee house" music, journaling."
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My practice would be nothing without the immense support I’ve received from Black women over the years.
This is the start of something bigger than me. Black reproductive health is a global health issue.
My first class starts tonight and i hope to do more.
Live on FB at 8pm EST. Free to attend. Link in bio as well.
#Blackreproductivehealth #blacklivesmatter #protectblackwomen #fibroids #naturopath

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What happened to you?
So many of us feel defective like there's something wrong with us. We search for a diagnosis, a pill, a guru to make it make sense.
We can't figure out why we're stuck with the same old health challenges. Why can't I eat healthier? Why can't I stick with an exercise routine? If only I were better in some way.
We don't take a step back and look at our lives and consider what we've had to endure. The pain and loss that is so inevitable in the human experience.
This isn't about being a victim, but it is about offering ourselves deep compassion and understanding when we trip and fall.
Even if we didn't have major trauma in our lives, we have all received toxic messages around who we are "supposed" to be.
The story of your life matters. You can make a change whenever you want but often, to know where we're going, we have to be willing to look at where we've been.
"How to do the work" Book club starts June 7/21.

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