Feel better in 30 days. 


Are you pushing through, pretending to be OK, when you are not?

2020 has thrown all of us for a loop. Women give, show up, act responsibly, live up to expectations and care for others. And then a pandemic hits and our emotional labour goes through the roof (homeschooling, anyone?). 

If you’re feeling burnt out or overwhelmed right now. You are not alone. 

It’s easy to lose yourself in a sea of stress, swimming hard just to keep your head above water. It’s exhausting and you deserve better. You don’t have to keep pushing through, pretending to be OK.  Sometimes it’s just too much.  

Let’s get you some help. Our professional team – counsellor Marlie, Dr. Lydia and mentor Leslee have come together to create a virtual place for you to come to heal. 

We give you the road map you need to tap into your personal power. We gently guide you back to health with support and structure. 

We’ve got that for you. You don’t have to do this alone. Join L60, start feeling better in 30 days. 

L60 Co-founders Leslee Kerfoot and Dr. Lydia Thurton ND

The Coping Cycle describes how so many women live. We see you, we know you, we are you. Women are masters at putting on the brave, fake “mask” and pretending to be OK until we reach burnout, when we are exhausted, DONE. Our first instinct is to RETREAT. Find some space, be alone, figure things out. But we never really do.


Step one is to acknowledge it. Step 2 is to break the cycle. Instead of retreating to the same coping skills, retreat with L60. Our program can be done privately, quietly at home. Do the work to recover and reclaim your emotional health. 

Find steady improvement with L60. Instead of being on the coping cycle rollercoaster – mask on, burn out retreat. 

Connect to help, restore your energy, and find your purpose. Whether it’s travel, being present with your kids, or starting a business, women have aspirations. 

It’s hard to find your passion when you’re having trouble setting boundaries or pretending to be more okay than you truly feel. 


Self Care is the new Health Care

The Original L60 is a gentle, feel-good system designed for women who are feeling lost, stuck, and overwhelmed. 

We help women with emotional distress and poor health get back to basics. It’s time to start caring for yourself. A doable system, a mind/body approach and daily help from professionals will get you feeling better again.


Clear your mind

We take you on a deep dive of UNDERSTANDING yourself. Stop the mental chatter, explore your belief patterns, break family cycles.​


We will mail you a pen-to-paper journal to track the key areas of your life.​


Learn how to set your intentions and your goals for success!



Food guidance with foods you like, without hours of cooking or expensive specialty food items.


Relax, stretch and meditate - custom, doable routines.

Weekly Office Access with L60 Professionals

Stop googling, start getting real mentorship. Life changes in an instant.

Get access to help when you need it. We all need support sometimes.

Dr. Lydia Thurton

Naturopathic doctor

  • Hormones
  • Digestion
  • Metabolism
  • Mind/body connection

Leslee Kerfoot

Life mentor

  • Relationships
  • Career & business
  • Planning
  • Money management
  • Making change

Marlie Philp

Registered counsellor

  • Mental health
  • Family patterns & history
  • Negative belief patterns
  • Behavior modification


With your monthly membership of $49, you receive our proven L60 system, and membership to LCircle – our private community of women who have made emotional wellness a priority. Find your people.

You will find lots of knowledge in our LCircle – with live presentations four times a week from Dr. Lydia, Leslee, and Marlie. And we have a group of women who show up honestly as a radical act of self-love.

You are so strong and powerful, but you can also be fragile. You need a safe space to get help and grow.

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“I love that we have this group for checking in and accountability! Some of us don’t get this elsewhere!”

“I never participate in groups lol. When I saw you on a video you seemed so warm and bright and genuine that I was curious and then I saw that the group was kind and supportive and caring and I was drawn in:) I’m so thankful that I did.”

“I know it’s sincere. That’s why I love you all and this group.”

Who Should Join L60?
Can you relate?

We know millions of women are quietly struggling, pretending to be okay when they aren’t. We get sabotaged. We get off track and confused about where to begin. If this sounds like you, L60 can help you reclaim your health. Gain a caring community that has your back.

We love and celebrate the diversity of women. You don’t have to keep going it alone.


A Special Message from us...

We KNOW change is hard!

L60 is a doable system with a full network of support.  It is designed to care for the average woman – time, cost, lifestyle.

You’ve got this! We’ve got this!

We have made L60 affordable so that you can have easy access. It’s available for just $49 per month. Cancel anytime. 

Unconditional support when you need it. No more waiting for appointments.

  • Fully supported L60 emotional detox & reset program – get your emotional and physical health back.
  • Weekly office hours with L60 and guest professionals.
  • Custom pen-to-paper journal.
  • Ongoing support – A woman’s journey has ups and downs. Stay connected, get solutions when you need them most from Dr. Lydia, counsellor Marlie and mentor Leslee and other members of LCircle.

You will feel better physically and emotionally. And with that your self  esteem will improve. YOU DESERVE THIS!


Join now to get this very special offer.  Just $49/month. Cancel anytime.

Your Emotional Health Secret Weapon



The founders of The LTheory and the L60 program are Dr. Lydia Thurton, ND and her Aunt, Leslee Kerfoot. Dr. Lydia is a Naturopathic Doctor practising in Toronto, Canada and she specializes in women’s health. Leslee is a long time successful entrepreneur and business woman. Together they were highly concerned about the emotional health of women and decided they needed to create a solution.

$49 US per month. Cancel anytime.

Yes. The month you have paid for will be non-refundable. Cancel anytime. We are confident you will enjoy the program 🙂

Naturopathic doctor Lydia Thurton. Naturopathic doctors focus on nutrition and stimulating the body’s ability to heal itself. Dr. Lydia has been working with women for over 10 years to solve digestion, weight loss and hormone problems. Marlie Philp a registered therapeutic counsellor. Together, we bring together the mind and the body.

Using the online education tool, Thinkific. And LCircle our private members only Facebook group.

Expect to feel better in 30 days.

Less negative mental chatter, more control over how you respond to situations, better self-awareness, and answers to your chronic nagging health concerns.

You will feel better and know yourself so much better. Increased self esteem, more positive attitude and improved relationships. All because you took your power back. 

We are confident that you WILL like the program. But you must understand there are many factors that will affect your success and it will come down to your dedication, motivation and commitment to the program requirements.  We will do everything we can to support and help you.

The program is not really hard, but it has a few different facets and will require your commitment and dedication. IT IS NOT BOOT CAMP STYLE. L60 is not designed to be painful and grueling. We want you to enjoy the process and we know you are probably already burnt out. We have designed it to be practical, doable and well supported. You will need to invest one hour a day, and we will give you the same. That one hour can be broken up into segments throughtout your day.